New Directions April 05, 2016 15:08

You may have noticed some big changes in the storefront.

I've been taking a hard look at the way Digression 3D does business. Now that I am just over 6 months into the process I have had to face some hard truths. To put it plainly, I am just treading water financially with this endeavor and I spend a lot of my free time on it. So I am faced with two choices, either I raise prices significantly and drop the shipping incentives or I change the overall model of the business.  

I have chosen the latter.

I am very proud of my case designs. I think they are the best 3D printable cases out there right now. But they take so long to print, the manufacturing end of the business is just not cost effective for me. In addition, keeping the printers maintained and running 24 hours a day is time intensive for me and takes me away from what I really love doing, creating 3D designs.

With that in mind, I am moving to a model in which I sell most items in the store exclusively as STL files. This will allow people with their own printers to print as many cases as they need for their collections. People without their own printers can take advantage of the increasing availability of local fab labs at schools, libraries and maker spaces.

The cases are sold in collections based on dice size. Each collection will be able to be downloaded 3 times. It will also give purchasers access to any updates in the collection (any updates will reset the download limit). All my designs are parametrically designed, meaning that I can alter the configurations to fit your needs. If you need a different configuration in a collection, just let me know an I will accommodate your request and add it to the collection. In this way, the collections are a bit of a living, breathing file reserve which will change based on your gaming needs.



I have added two new designs to the store. The first is a collection for 12mm dice, rounding out the dice storage for all the usual dice sizes. Also added is a life counter. I am particularly happy with the design because it prints in one piece, but remains able to free rotate with no assembly.

In fact, it is worth mentioning that I have designed all the digital models to be printed in one run without supports or rafts, simply print and go.



I am just putting the finishing touches on a collection of hex, octagon and circle token storage. Currently, I am using the cases for Battle Merchants and Mage Knight and am planning to expand the storage for the tokens in Dungeon Twister shortly.   As with the dice storage, I can tailor these to fit your needs. Just let me know the type of token (how many sides), the diameter (point to point), the thickness of the cardboard, how many rows you need, and how many tokens in you want to fit in each row.

I also am almost finished with some mountain models which I designed and scaled for Rune Wars (since the mountains were sadly removed from the recent edition of the game and I missed the first edition).



I realize we live in a digital society where file sharing is quick and easy. Here is my request, please help me continue making models by not sharing the files you have purchased with others. I would love my hobby to one day become an actual source of income, but that will only happen if I can rely on the decency of the tabletop game community.

Digression 3D digital files are the copyright of Digression 3D, Inc. They are sold for printing for your own personal use only. You may print as many copies as you wish, but do not have permission to sell or redistribute the files or prints of the files.

Your support in this will help to keep me designing and selling gamer-related 3D models. 

As always, thank you so much for your support of my Digression 3D endeavors! I sincerely appreciate the suggestions and support I have received from all of you.

Something new. November 19, 2015 14:36

I play tournaments for Dice Masters at my friendly (semi-) local game store.  The tournaments are set up with 30 minute rounds dropping to a 5 turn sudden death when time is called.  The 5 extra turns can take 20-30 minutes just by themselves which can be frustrating. 

Last month we experimented with using chess clocks for our Dice Masters tournament.  We used 20 minutes per player with an auto-loss if you ran out of time. This both kept slow players from using more than their fair share of the round and sped up the overall tournament. 

The clocks worked out well, but the fact that they had to use a clock app meant that players couldn't also use their smartphones as the life counter.  Since I couldn't find an app that combined the two, I spent some time making one.

LifeClock is useful for Dice Masters, but also for any games involving life totals such as Magic or Star Realms.

It is currently available for Android Devices in the Google Play Store.


The Reserve Pool is Awesome! October 13, 2015 13:35

Hello all!  It has been longer than I would have liked since I made a blog post.  I apologize for that.  In addition to fulfilling orders, I have been working on several things, most of which aren't quite ready for prime time yet. 

However, I did want to direct your eyeballs to a very nice write up that Randy at The Reserve Pool did about my cases.  Because of his support, I decided to do a big sale this week for all of you.  If you use the code RESERVEPOOL at checkout, you will get 20% off your entire order until next Tuesday 10/20.

To digress from Digression3D a little bit...

I wanted to let you know about my Dad's book, DEROS, which is currently up on Kindle Scout right now.   Here is the synopsis:

An army medic’s quest for inner peace after a brutal war leads him from mending bodies to healing souls as a priest. A murder in his hometown and the resurrection of buried feelings for the woman he once loved, however, shatter his serenity. Is God testing him, or does Fate have a twisted sense of humor? When he stumbles upon the link between the town’s abolitionist history and the murder, he must confront his violent past, protect those he loves, and resolve his doubts about the priesthood.

If it sounds interesting to you, check out the first 3 chapters.  If you like what you read (or if you just want to support a creative endeavor) hit the nominate button. 

As an added bonus, if his book gets enough nominations, everyone who nominated it will get the entire e-book to read for free. 


As always, thank you all for the support you continue to show for what I do here at Digression 3D!

Contest! July 27, 2015 12:15 2 Comments

I’ve started a contest over in the Digression3D Facebook group. If you would like to win a Deluxe Tournament Case or a Mini-Card Double Deck Box, head over to the group and enter.

In addition, you can get two additional entries by giving me some impressions of the site or ideas for what you as a gamer might like to see me produce in the future!


Gen-Contest Contest rules

You can enter the contest from now until 11:59pm EST on August 2. I will compile all entries into a list and randomly choose the winner after the close of the contest. You can get entries by liking, sharing and/or tagging a friend on this post that you think would be interested. You will get 1 entry for each, but please be sure you are doing those things on the original from the Digression3D facebook group so that I can be sure to track it.

I will give an additional 2 entries if you visit the site and take a minute to comment on the most recent blog post!

Finally, even if you don’t want to win a case but want to support the site, sharing, liking and commenting will definitely help get some exposure for my fledgling company into the greater community. If you want to help support what I’m doing, but don’t want to enter the contest, just make a note of that in the comments of this post.

Thank you all so much for your encouragement in the past couple months!



Gencon Reminder:

I am going to be at the convention for the duration of the show. I don’t have a booth, but I’ll be wandering around with a Digression3D shirt. If you see me, come talk to me! I will have some cases with me each day available for purchase.

Due to the show, there will be no production for most of this week, so if I don’t get your order printed before I leave, I won’t be able to start until I get back. I print based on the date an order is received, so order early to ensure your place in the queue.


What a busy week! July 24, 2015 21:30 2 Comments


It has been an exciting week for me! I kicked it off by doing an interview with Joe Leuzzi of the What I’m Playing Now Podcast. Joe is a great podcaster and we had a fantastic conversation about Digression 3D and games in general. It is definitely worth checking out his podcast HERE.



Moving forward, I finished the new Deluxe Tournament Case. The case holds up to 60 dice and either 18 sleeved or 30 unsleeved cards. The case is perfect to use for competitive games like Dice Masters.

As a little extra, I put up a little three card playmat in the downloads section of the site. Print them out, sleeve them up, and take only your tournament case and a dice bag when you go!



Lastly, Gencon is coming up and I am getting very excited. I am going to be there for the duration of the show. I don’t have a booth, but I’ll be wandering around with a Digression3D shirt. If you see me, come talk to me!

Gencon means 2 things for the site. First, there will be no production next week, so if I don’t get your order printed before I leave, I won’t be able to start until I get back. I print based on the date an order is received, so order early to ensure your place in the queue.

Secondly, the contest I have been teasing will go live on Monday. Check The Digression3D Facebook Page on 7/27 for details on entering.  



Design Progress. July 19, 2015 12:09

One of the most requested things I get is for a tournament case which holds dice and cards together.  I had a few false starts on the design, and never was truly satisfied with the result.  Last night I hit on a design which works well.



Basically the dice fit in trays which can be removed from the case.  A space at the bottom of the case fits sleeved or unsleeved cards.  The picture is only the initial prototype, but it works quite well.  The next step is to optimize the trays so that they print a little bit faster and use less plastic.  Ironically, that will probably mean adding room for more dice, which is never a bad thing.

Hopefully this will be ready to roll in a couple days!

If you have any comments while I am in the revision phase, I would be very glad to hear them!

Dice case stress test July 17, 2015 13:29

Of War Games and Printers. July 10, 2015 17:19

On Tuesday, I stopped into my friendly local game store to play in a Dice Masters tournament. During the 4th round, my opponent needed to leave, so I wandered up to the desk to see what Jim, the store owner, was up to. He was busy setting up a Tablewar case to take his miniatures to a tournament this weekend.

For reference, here is what the case looks like:


It's a pretty slick setup.  You put small magnets on the bottom of your miniatures and stick them to a metal sheet which sits on a tray and can slide into the case for transport.

But Jim had a problem. 

Jim’s issue was that the metal was not affixed to the tray and had a tendency to bounce up and down in the car while it was moving. He worried that damage would be caused to his painted models (which are beautiful, I might add) as a result.

Looking to fix the issue, I took a tray with me when I left and designed a war game tray anchor. The anchor fastens to the underside of the tray and uses a Rare Earth magnet from below to hold the metal sheet firmly in place.


The anchor works very well and Jim is really happy with the solution. In two days’ time, we have gone from a gamer–centric problem to a solid, permanent solution. For a traditional company, the War Game Tray Anchor wouldn’t really be feasible to make because I expect the demand is not too high for these.

But for me that is exactly what Digression 3D is all about.

Bundle Changes July 08, 2015 15:28 1 Comment

Hi all!

I wanted to give you a Digression 3D update. I finished the revisions of the cases sized for Mice and Mystics and mailed out all the orders I received over the past few weeks. In those, I included an adapter which allows for the cases to be used for both sleeved and unsleeved cards.

However, because the sleeved card sized cases use considerably more plastic and take extra print time, I have had to raise my pricing for those cases. Since I don’t want to overcharge folks who don’t sleeve cards, I have added the smaller case option for them. The case bundle will no longer come with adapters.

I snapped some new pictures on the bundle page to show the set in sleeves. Note that, as requested, there is plenty of room for promos!

If you have the expansions, a second bundle will cover you.


A New Case June 08, 2015 22:32

I was talking about Digression 3D over at The Reserve Pool and thought it would be useful to Dice Masters players to scale the 14mm dice case to fit a set of each color basic action dice.  That way, you wouldn't have to dig through your collection to find matching dice. 

I love having things which make life just a little less annoying, so I am definitely going to be taking this to my next tournament. 

I shot a quick picture of it below.  In the next couple days, I'll get a better image up on the store page, but it is available to order right now!



Actually, 2 reminders. 

  1. The Origins sale ends on the 15th.  You still have some time to get 10% off everything in the store.  Just use the code: DigOrigins
  2. At the end of the month, I am going to be having a contest for the people following Digression 3D on Facebook.  Join us and get a chance to win free stuff.  Everybody loves free stuff!

Origins! June 07, 2015 16:55

I am back from Origins and totally rested!

Ok, not totally. As anyone who has been to a convention knows, they are amazing, but do take a lot out of you. I was only there for one day, so I really hit the ground running trying to do everything I wanted to do, both as a gamer fanboy and for Digression 3D.


Friday night:

I arrived with my buddy Dave, met up with Dave’s friend Devin, got our badges and wandered the various halls. I was drawn to the miniatures area because, while I don’t actively play many miniature games anymore, I LOVE looking at the terrain layouts and painted models people bring. Some of those gamers can paint figures amazingly well. I am always in awe of what is going on there. There were especially cool Star Wars Miniatures Hoth and Endor tables (which may have been happening on Saturday. It all blurs together in my mind).

Later in the evening, I got my first bit of gaming in. Devin introduced Dave and me to Valeria: Card Kingdoms. He backed it on Kickstarter and created a very nice print and play version while final production is happening. It is a nice filler game, not too brain taxing, but with enough interesting decisions that I wasn’t bored. I was left wanting to play a second game, but after getting up at 4am with a teething toddler, 11:30 seemed very late.



I started by hitting the exhibit hall and trying to get a layout of what was new and cool. I love demoing games that aren’t on my radar already. Generally if an indie publisher shouts at me, I will be gladly sitting down at a table and taking in his or her spiel. At Origins, those games generally failed to impress. However, the very first demo of the morning really excited me.

The game in question is Battle Merchants, in which you play arms dealers funding a war between various fantasy races. At its core it is an economic game, but there seemed to be lots of opportunity to block your opponent’s strategies (a must in my group) and a bunch of meaningful decision points during your turn. At the end of the demo (one season out of four), I wanted to keep playing to see if my strategy was going to bear fruit. To me, that is the sign of a great game.

Since it was at the beginning of the day, I didn’t purchase my own copy since I hadn’t seen everything yet and I had a bag filled with dice cases to show off. I had planned to get back and get a copy, but as often happens, the day slipped away. The designer, Gil Hova (a very nice dude as well as a good designer), let me know that the expansion will be coming out this week sometime. I will definitely be ordering both after that happens.

Around lunch time, I got in a game of Navia Dratp with Nate, a fellow ND enthusiast. I love that game, but don’t have any friends around me who are interested in learning, so when Nate and I cross paths at conventions, we try to get in a game or two. That is one game I really wish would get picked up, cleaned up, and re-themed by a big company who can show it some love. The Duke is similar in a lot of ways, but just doesn’t quite attain the intricacy of Navia.

In the afternoon, I played in a DC Dice Masters Rainbow Draft, both because Dice Masters is awesome and because I wanted to show off my dice cases to people. It was a single elimination game and I got paired up with Dave, who regularly destroys me in Dice Masters. The tournament was no different as he took me apart with Green Arrow, knocking me out of the tournament. Of course, Dave went on to win it, so I am happy about that. It also gave me a chance to get in some fun games with the people around me and talk to people about 3D printing and Digression 3D. I ended up giving out a bunch of business cards and a few cases to people who were kind enough to play a game or two with me.

I was disappointed that there was no big X-Wing Miniatures tournament going on. I would have liked to give a mini-card box to a rebel player and an imperial player along with some business cards (in rebel red and imperial black, of course!). To me, they are perfect for holding your damage deck and upgrade cards, but I am only very casually into that game. I would get absolutely destroyed at a tournament with my wave 1 and 2 “fleet”. Hopefully I can find someone at Gencon to swag. My understanding is that is where the big tournaments are happening.


If I may indulge in one more story before I go:

There were two guys playing in the rainbow draft who were clearly friends. During the second round, one was knocked out and one had the bye. I ended up playing the bye player, Ryan, as his buddy wandered around the con. I asked Ryan if they had travelled to the convention together. He responded that no, they had just met the first day, started chatting and ended up hanging out during the con.

THAT is the reason I love cons so much. There are so many awesome people to meet who share your interests that it is easy to make friends that last more than just those few days.

The day was fantastic. There was much fun to be had and much gaming to be done. It has really whetted my appetite for Gencon this summer. Thanks to all the people I met at Origins who made it such a great place to visit!


On the cusp of summer! And a SALE! June 05, 2015 10:48

First off, let me give a public thank you to those people who ordered from me in the past two weeks. Your support is extremely touching as I get going. If you are inclined to review the mini-card or dice cases either by giving star ratings here on or as a review on (or both!), I would be greatly appreciative.

Secondly, this evening I am going to Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio! I will only be there Friday night through Saturday night because of the final week of school, but I am extremely excited to go. I will be bringing some dice and card cases along to show off in person.   I will be playing Dicemasters on Saturday morning at 10am, so look for the guy with the Digression 3D Dice Case and come talk to me.

Because of the excitement of Origins, I am going to be running a sale. The code DigOrigins will get you 10% of your entire order until 6/15/15.

First week live! May 26, 2015 11:47

The site has been live for one week!

Just as importantly, I am two weeks from summer vacation. This is a busy time for me. As a teacher, I have grading to do, comments to write, a middle school musical to put on, and an art room to clean and store for the summer (which is a big job all by itself, let me tell you). I just finished a middle school art show and attended baccalaureate mass and graduation for my seniors this past weekend.


In the midst of this all, I have been printing the first orders to come in. Those are going to be shipped this weekend. I am extremely excited to get more of my designs out into the wild.

On that note, I am revising the shipping times on the site from 3-4 weeks down to 1-2 weeks. Printing is going smoothly and maintaining a consistent pace. 

Although I won't really have much time to design new things for a couple weeks, I just placed some miniature bases of various types and sizes in the download section. Hopefully those of you with your own 3D printers will find the STLs useful!

Grand Opening! May 18, 2015 11:45

              The site is live!   It has definitely been a longer road than I thought it would be to get it up and running. And while I will continue with additions and refinements, I am glad to have the store active and excited to press forward into the future!

Speaking of which, because I am a teacher June will mark the start of the next big push of content for the site. The current plan includes new models available for ordering, free models available in the download section for those of you with access to your own 3D printers of your own, a how–to video series for beginning modelers and more.

              I am always looking for comments or questions about the site and about Digression 3D, Inc.’s projects. I truly appreciate your taking the time to contact me or posting a blog comment below.