New Directions April 5, 2016 15:08

You may have noticed some big changes in the storefront.

I've been taking a hard look at the way Digression 3D does business. Now that I am just over 6 months into the process I have had to face some hard truths. To put it plainly, I am just treading water financially with this endeavor and I spend a lot of my free time on it. So I am faced with two choices, either I raise prices significantly and drop the shipping incentives or I change the overall model of the business.  

I have chosen the latter.

I am very proud of my case designs. I think they are the best 3D printable cases out there right now. But they take so long to print, the manufacturing end of the business is just not cost effective for me. In addition, keeping the printers maintained and running 24 hours a day is time intensive for me and takes me away from what I really love doing, creating 3D designs.

With that in mind, I am moving to a model in which I sell most items in the store exclusively as STL files. This will allow people with their own printers to print as many cases as they need for their collections. People without their own printers can take advantage of the increasing availability of local fab labs at schools, libraries and maker spaces.

The cases are sold in collections based on dice size. Each collection will be able to be downloaded 3 times. It will also give purchasers access to any updates in the collection (any updates will reset the download limit). All my designs are parametrically designed, meaning that I can alter the configurations to fit your needs. If you need a different configuration in a collection, just let me know an I will accommodate your request and add it to the collection. In this way, the collections are a bit of a living, breathing file reserve which will change based on your gaming needs.



I have added two new designs to the store. The first is a collection for 12mm dice, rounding out the dice storage for all the usual dice sizes. Also added is a life counter. I am particularly happy with the design because it prints in one piece, but remains able to free rotate with no assembly.

In fact, it is worth mentioning that I have designed all the digital models to be printed in one run without supports or rafts, simply print and go.



I am just putting the finishing touches on a collection of hex, octagon and circle token storage. Currently, I am using the cases for Battle Merchants and Mage Knight and am planning to expand the storage for the tokens in Dungeon Twister shortly.   As with the dice storage, I can tailor these to fit your needs. Just let me know the type of token (how many sides), the diameter (point to point), the thickness of the cardboard, how many rows you need, and how many tokens in you want to fit in each row.

I also am almost finished with some mountain models which I designed and scaled for Rune Wars (since the mountains were sadly removed from the recent edition of the game and I missed the first edition).



I realize we live in a digital society where file sharing is quick and easy. Here is my request, please help me continue making models by not sharing the files you have purchased with others. I would love my hobby to one day become an actual source of income, but that will only happen if I can rely on the decency of the tabletop game community.

Digression 3D digital files are the copyright of Digression 3D, Inc. They are sold for printing for your own personal use only. You may print as many copies as you wish, but do not have permission to sell or redistribute the files or prints of the files.

Your support in this will help to keep me designing and selling gamer-related 3D models. 

As always, thank you so much for your support of my Digression 3D endeavors! I sincerely appreciate the suggestions and support I have received from all of you.