First week live! May 26, 2015 11:47

The site has been live for one week!

Just as importantly, I am two weeks from summer vacation. This is a busy time for me. As a teacher, I have grading to do, comments to write, a middle school musical to put on, and an art room to clean and store for the summer (which is a big job all by itself, let me tell you). I just finished a middle school art show and attended baccalaureate mass and graduation for my seniors this past weekend.


In the midst of this all, I have been printing the first orders to come in. Those are going to be shipped this weekend. I am extremely excited to get more of my designs out into the wild.

On that note, I am revising the shipping times on the site from 3-4 weeks down to 1-2 weeks. Printing is going smoothly and maintaining a consistent pace. 

Although I won't really have much time to design new things for a couple weeks, I just placed some miniature bases of various types and sizes in the download section. Hopefully those of you with your own 3D printers will find the STLs useful!