A New Case June 8, 2015 22:32

I was talking about Digression 3D over at The Reserve Pool and thought it would be useful to Dice Masters players to scale the 14mm dice case to fit a set of each color basic action dice.  That way, you wouldn't have to dig through your collection to find matching dice. 

I love having things which make life just a little less annoying, so I am definitely going to be taking this to my next tournament. 

I shot a quick picture of it below.  In the next couple days, I'll get a better image up on the store page, but it is available to order right now!



Actually, 2 reminders. 

  1. The Origins sale ends on the 15th.  You still have some time to get 10% off everything in the store.  Just use the code: DigOrigins
  2. At the end of the month, I am going to be having a contest for the people following Digression 3D on Facebook.  Join us and get a chance to win free stuff.  Everybody loves free stuff!