Of War Games and Printers. July 10, 2015 17:19

On Tuesday, I stopped into my friendly local game store to play in a Dice Masters tournament. During the 4th round, my opponent needed to leave, so I wandered up to the desk to see what Jim, the store owner, was up to. He was busy setting up a Tablewar case to take his miniatures to a tournament this weekend.

For reference, here is what the case looks like:


It's a pretty slick setup.  You put small magnets on the bottom of your miniatures and stick them to a metal sheet which sits on a tray and can slide into the case for transport.

But Jim had a problem. 

Jim’s issue was that the metal was not affixed to the tray and had a tendency to bounce up and down in the car while it was moving. He worried that damage would be caused to his painted models (which are beautiful, I might add) as a result.

Looking to fix the issue, I took a tray with me when I left and designed a war game tray anchor. The anchor fastens to the underside of the tray and uses a Rare Earth magnet from below to hold the metal sheet firmly in place.


The anchor works very well and Jim is really happy with the solution. In two days’ time, we have gone from a gamer–centric problem to a solid, permanent solution. For a traditional company, the War Game Tray Anchor wouldn’t really be feasible to make because I expect the demand is not too high for these.

But for me that is exactly what Digression 3D is all about.