The Reserve Pool is Awesome! October 13, 2015 13:35 8 Comments

Hello all!  It has been longer than I would have liked since I made a blog post.  I apologize for that.  In addition to fulfilling orders, I have been working on several things, most of which aren't quite ready for prime time yet. 

However, I did want to direct your eyeballs to a very nice write up that Randy at The Reserve Pool did about my cases.  Because of his support, I decided to do a big sale this week for all of you.  If you use the code RESERVEPOOL at checkout, you will get 20% off your entire order until next Tuesday 10/20.

To digress from Digression3D a little bit...

I wanted to let you know about my Dad's book, DEROS, which is currently up on Kindle Scout right now.   Here is the synopsis:

An army medic’s quest for inner peace after a brutal war leads him from mending bodies to healing souls as a priest. A murder in his hometown and the resurrection of buried feelings for the woman he once loved, however, shatter his serenity. Is God testing him, or does Fate have a twisted sense of humor? When he stumbles upon the link between the town’s abolitionist history and the murder, he must confront his violent past, protect those he loves, and resolve his doubts about the priesthood.

If it sounds interesting to you, check out the first 3 chapters.  If you like what you read (or if you just want to support a creative endeavor) hit the nominate button. 

As an added bonus, if his book gets enough nominations, everyone who nominated it will get the entire e-book to read for free. 


As always, thank you all for the support you continue to show for what I do here at Digression 3D!