Something new. November 19, 2015 14:36 20 Comments

I play tournaments for Dice Masters at my friendly (semi-) local game store.  The tournaments are set up with 30 minute rounds dropping to a 5 turn sudden death when time is called.  The 5 extra turns can take 20-30 minutes just by themselves which can be frustrating. 

Last month we experimented with using chess clocks for our Dice Masters tournament.  We used 20 minutes per player with an auto-loss if you ran out of time. This both kept slow players from using more than their fair share of the round and sped up the overall tournament. 

The clocks worked out well, but the fact that they had to use a clock app meant that players couldn't also use their smartphones as the life counter.  Since I couldn't find an app that combined the two, I spent some time making one.

LifeClock is useful for Dice Masters, but also for any games involving life totals such as Magic or Star Realms.

It is currently available for Android Devices in the Google Play Store.