On the cusp of summer! And a SALE! June 5, 2015 10:48

First off, let me give a public thank you to those people who ordered from me in the past two weeks. Your support is extremely touching as I get going. If you are inclined to review the mini-card or dice cases either by giving star ratings here on or as a review on (or both!), I would be greatly appreciative.

Secondly, this evening I am going to Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio! I will only be there Friday night through Saturday night because of the final week of school, but I am extremely excited to go. I will be bringing some dice and card cases along to show off in person.   I will be playing Dicemasters on Saturday morning at 10am, so look for the guy with the Digression 3D Dice Case and come talk to me.

Because of the excitement of Origins, I am going to be running a sale. The code DigOrigins will get you 10% of your entire order until 6/15/15.