STL Files - 14mm Dice Case Collection

$ 24.99

Our cases allow for easy organization, storage and perusal of your dice collection! 

The cases lock to avoid opening up if dropped, yet are built to slide open easily for quick removal of dice.

This dice case stores 14mm dice which is similar in size to those found in games such as Dice Masters and Quarriors.

This collection includes all STL files for:

  • The Collector which stores 10 rows of 4 dice each.
  • The Tournament which stores 8 rows of 5dice each.  The Tournament Case is designed to hold just the dice you will need for dice game tournaments with one space per character (up to 8 characters) and all the space you need for necessary basic dice.
  • The Basic Action case stores 8 rows of 3 dice each.  This case is useful for Dice Masters.   You can store a set of every color basic action dice (there are currently 8 different colors in the game) and have them ready to go without digging through your collection to find the dice you need.  It's very convenient!
  • The Micro Case stores 4 rows of 4 dice.  Made for printing on very small volume printers.
  • The Micro Double Tall was requested by a user and stores 4 rows of 5 dice and can be stacked 2 deep.  That provides storage for 40 dice and is printable on an 80mm X 80mm build platform.
  • Access to every future update to the collection!


All cases are designed to be printed in one run without supports or rafts, simply print and go.


Digression 3D files are the copyright of Digression 3D, Inc.  They are sold to you for printing for your own personal use only.  You may print as many copies as you wish, but do not have permission to sell or redistribute the files or prints of the files.  
Your support in this will help to keep us designing and selling gamer related 3D models in addition to our own physical game accessories.


Our business is built around customization.   Contact us and let us make the case that YOU want.   

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