STL Files - Mini Card Storage Collection

$ 24.99

Our Mini Card Box is designed to store different varieties of mini cards, similar to those found in games such as Fantasy Flight's X-Wing Miniatures or Ares Games' Wings of Glory

With the addition of the included inserts, the box can convert from storing sleeved mini cards (both Mini Euro and Mini American size) to storing unsleeved Mini Euro cards or unsleeved Mini American cards. 

For reference, Mini American Cards measure 42mm x 64mm and European Mini Cards measure 44mm x 68mm.


This collection includes all STL files for:

  • The small box which stores 60 unsleeved cards or 40 sleeved cards. 
  • The large box stores 100 unsleeved cards and 65 sleeved cards.
  • Double width tops for both the small and large size.  This allows two boxes to be joined together to keep all your cards in one place.   
  • Access to every future update to the collection!


All cases are designed to be printed in one run without supports or rafts, simply print and go.


Digression 3D files are the copyright of Digression 3D, Inc.  They are sold to you for printing for your own personal use only.  You may print as many copies as you wish, but do not have permission to sell or redistribute the files or prints of the files.  
Your support in this will help to keep us designing and selling gamer related 3D models in addition to our own physical game accessories.


Our business is built around customization.   Contact us and let us make the case that YOU want.   

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